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  • SXS10250000
KTM is known for the high performance level of the 250 SX-F engine. One more highlight for KTM...mehr

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KTM is known for the high performance level of the 250 SX-F engine. One more highlight for KTM was the 2008 GP season, which was clearly dominated by the orange machines made in Austria winning the MX2 world championship with Tyla Rattray.
Apart from the KTM factory pilots Rattray and Searle many other riders were able to finish top 10 or even jump on the podium using KTM SXS bikes. For 2009 the level of the bikes can even be raised with availability of the KTM Factory-SXS-Kit. Improved performance, higher rpm level and optimal reliability guarantee top results also for the 2009 race season. Components
Crankshaft assembly » KTM Motorsport has developed a special high-performance crankshaft assembly by mounting an exclusive extra-light connecting rod ( 194 gram, standard = 230 gram) into the standar d 250 SX-F crankshaft made by the race technology specialist PANKL. Ultra-precise machining and high quality steel can stand the raised rpm level and guarantee less vibrations and improved reliability.
Piston » A special piston pin developed for Formula-1 engines reduces the friction for improved performance and better reliability.
Valve spring set » The KTM Motorsport valve spring set includes weight reduced and stronger retainers and washers, which will stand the raised rpm level achieved in combination with all other components.
Camshaft assembly » For the 250 SX-F DOHC cylinder head KTM Motorsport developed a perfect racing approved camshaft combination with optimised camshaft timing for maximal gas flow and higher overall performance.
Clutch assembly » When it comes to clutch nearly all factory teams mount components madeby the American clutch specialist HINSON. Machined basket and inner hub, pressure plate and a special disc package stand for very precise control and maximal reliability.
Clutch cover » Includes a machined clutch cover, which offers increased strength and gives a factory bike look.
Gearbox » KTM Motorsport’s 3rd / 4th sliding gear as well as 3rd gear are machined from high quality Aubert & Duvall steel for highest precision and reliability.
Radiators » The special KTM factory radiators with enlarged radiation surface and better efficiency includes hoses and radiator protectors to keep the race engine cool to assure highest performance in every condition.
Motorsport CDI » Higher rpm and optimal engine efficiency are controlled by the KTM Motorsport CDI
Gasket set » For the assembly of the kit a complete set of gaskets is included.

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